Monday, July 17, 2006


I knew his number,
Before knowing him...
Coz his was next number
In the roll book, after mine...

We were together
For Exams, for experiments..
And even caught together
For being mischievious...

Then the time came,
For us to part....
And he wrote these lines
Just for me...

"The world out side,
Is so rough and unkind..
If I could be of any help..
Do let me know.."

He went on his way
And I had mine..
We had no contact
For years that passed...

Then one fine day,
I thought of my friend...
Will he remember me,
After all these years?

Send a card?
Or make a call..
Or travel all the way down
To see him how he is?

One fine day
I was near the phone...
Holding his number
Trying to reach him...

Finally I called ..
And the voice answered..
As I asked for him
I could hear a weep

Sorry dear,
You are a little late..
He has reached the world,
Which is so nice and kind..

There was no way,
I could let him know .
That I was in need of help...
I was in need of a friend like him..


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